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Real Estate

Real Estate

Northeast Kansas Real Estate:

  • Contracts to Sell or Purchase
  • Foreclosures
  • Other Issues

Samuel Goldwyn once said that “a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on”. This is particularly true of real estate transactions of whatever kind or nature. Real property is an important asset in almost everyone’s estate and often is the most important. One should not conduct a real estate transaction without the advice of a qualified attorney. David Burkowitz is just that qualified attorney. He has assisted clients in Lawrence, Topeka and the surrounding areas in buying and selling property and can offer any advice and assistance you may need.

If you live in Douglas, Shawnee, Leavenworth, Jefferson, Johnson, Franklin or Osage County and need assistance with property sales/purchases, development, lending, leasing, subdivision, rezoning, title correction, 1031 exchanges, or any other real estate area please contact our office at 785-843-0420.